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Best Seo Tips And Techniques

Posted by Luke Thomas

201 Powerful SEO Tips (Which Really Work)

This Is the largest collection of SEO tips on the planet.
The Best part?
All Of the search engine optimization techniques in this guide are 100% actionable.
So If you'd like higher positions, check out the new guide.


Update Old Content


This May be the most underrated on-page SEO technique on the planet.
First Off, updating shows Google that you just care about your content.
And The updated information and images tell users : "This page is up-to-date". In reality, I update all my posts at least one time every year.

Experiment With Utilizing ONLY Your Keyword in Your URL

A Few years back I had an idea:
I Knew that brief, keyword-rich URLs were greatest for SEO.
And I then thought: "why not make my URL the precise keyword that I want to rank for?" .
And it worked! That's why now I (mainly) use URLs like: example.com/my-exact-keyword
Obviously, If you key word material, these URLs may lead to over-optimization. But when coupled with moderate on-page SEO, I've found that keyword-only URLs help.

Use A Number On Your Name Tag

Several Industry studies have discovered that amounts (particularly odd amounts) boost CTR. And this rule certainly applies to your title tags. So whenever you are able to include a number on your page's title tag.

Delete (Or Noindex) Mediocre Blog Posts

I Love deleting crappy old blog posts.
Since The reality is that:
If A webpage is not bringing in revenue or traffic, its USELESS. Simply delete it or redirect it to another relevant article.
In Fact, Koozai deleted 900 blog posts with no issues.

Compose Long Descriptions for YouTube Videos

Long Video descriptions help Google understand what your video is all about.
So I suggest composing YouTube video descriptions which are at least 250 words.

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